Eureka, California

Well, that's it. Our time was up. We had to be in the Bay Area by nightfall.

Boats at Harbor
Boats at Harbor
I had a little errand that I had to do, namely to get some pictures of Eureka for some folks at work. Hush-hush stuff, but they needed some pictures anyway. Well, I was happy to oblige them; it would be a long drive, and I needed any excuse I could get to stretch the legs.

Happily, the photo stop resulted in a number of pictures of Victorians, which are plentiful here. This one is currently owned by a private club, but was built by lumber money during the heyday of that industry. Many Beautiful Victorians
Many Beautiful Victorians

The camera safely stowed, it was time to hop in the truck and make the mad dash homeward. It was a great trip, and it was too bad that it came to an end, but it would be good to get home again, too!