Olympic National Park, Washington

We stayed in BC longer than originally anticipated. Once back on American soil, we quickly made our way out onto the Olympic peninsula, and through the Olympic National Park.

Lush Mountain Valleys<br>against a Setting Sun
Lush Mountain Valleys
against a Setting Sun
We drove along the beautiful Crescent Lake just as the sun was setting, and a slight misty fog was pushing in from the Pacific. The many lush valleys stack up on each other, and the mist in the setting sun made for a gorgeous sunset. But there's no time to lose: that campground has to be around here somewhere...

Even though the clock was running out for the vacation, who could resist a night camping in the Olympic National Park. Just a few miles from the Hoh river valley (the only Temperate Rain Forest in the world, I'm told) the Fairholm campground certainly is lush. What could be better than to wake up with all that greenery? Camping in a<br>Temperate Rainforest
Camping in a
Temperate Rainforest

'Big Cedar'
'Big Cedar'
It's a little hidden, not being very well marked, and it's down a short stretch of bumpy dirt road, but if you want to see a very odd tree (or set of trees, really) you have to stop at The Big Cedar (along 101 south of Clatsop Station - N45:59.451 W123:55.437). Underneath the tangle of trunks and limbs is a cedar, but several other trees have taken root on top of it, forming this bizarre growth.

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