Oregon Coast

Having left Washington, we took US 101 through Oregon, itself a wealth of natural beauty.

A Regular Feature<br>of the Oregon Coast
A Regular Feature
of the Oregon Coast
Whereas the Washington Coast is lush, the Oregon Coast is only slightly less so. And some of the most distinguishing features of the Oregon coast are the many little islets that dot the shore. Sometimes still accessible at low tide (as shown here) these are rock formations not long for this world (geologically, anyway....)

The farther south you get in Oregon, the warmer it becomes. Here, a mere fraction of an hour's drive from the California border, the sun comes out more often, and the landscape is more varied. We're leaving the dominion of the hemlock and pine; we'll soon be entering the realm of the redwood, which dominates the California coast. Coastal River Valley
Coastal River Valley

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