Last Winter, we took a whirlwind "Journey with Raven" to the Southwestern United States. Spending little more than a week making the circuit, we resolved that we would have to return.

With a Golden Eagle pass burning a hole in my pocket, and whole two weeks of vacation time, we decided to do it again earlier this October. The route was roughly the same as before, but this time we would give each sight the time it deserved.

Now you too can retrace Raven's Steps with the photos we've captured. Or if you'd rather, you can rummage through the Pile of Pictures we have, or even look at the Map of our route.

The Itinerary

This corner of the world is absolutely spectacular. If you have the opportunity to go, I promise, you won't be disappointed. Just be sure to say "thank you" to Raven along the way!

Oh, and a note: if you do go, definitely get your hands on a Golden Eagle pass [Nowadays called the "National Parks Pass" -TMT]. It's $50 dollars, but gets you in free to all national parks (but not state parks, though.) Considering that many of the more popular parks are $20, and the rest are about $10, it will very quickly pay for itself. And it's good for an entire year.

Here's a breakdown of the places we visited. That Golden Eagle pass saved us some big bucks -- $74 -- on those National parks!

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